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    I am a 52 year old man who has struggled with depression since I was 5 years old. Eighteen years ago I got on medication to treat the problem.

   While on the medication I no longer felt the deep depressive lows that used to haunt me, but I found myself unable to feel great feelings of joy that I remember I had when I was young.

   Four times I tried getting off the meds, and four times I found myself hitting bottom. Then, while trying to crawl out of a deep dark pit of severe depression, the fear of ever feeling that pain again caused me to decide it was never worth trying to get off the medicine again.

   Randy has been a good friend of mine for 25 years. I knew that he was very excited about hypnotherapy. He had started his own practice last year and had suggested that he could help me with some of my problems.

   In January I asked him for help using hypnotherapy. I approached him and said I had a terrible feeling in my gut and "I want it out!"

   We soon met at his office and talked about the hypnotherapy that he practiced, and he told me why he believes it works so successfully.

   While talking with Randy I suddenly realized that I was going to have to "dive right into my feelings" with my whole soul if I ever really wanted serious and effective changes for the good in my life.

   When I told Randy this he complimented me and told me that I was beginning to be enlightened because of my sincere desire to go for it all the way.

   In my hypnotherapy sessions we visited a great many experiences and memories from my early childhood. I swear I have not recalled many of these memories since they happened, but there they were again. I was able to re-live some pretty dramatic scenes, and with my adult mind I was now able to make some sense of it all.

   I also had the ability to forgive certain people who had treated me horribly as a small child. This was possible because I was releasing and resolving many distressing feelings that I had bottled up and stuck inside me from my experiences in childhood. Pretty amazing stuff.

   I trusted Randy because of our long-time friendship, but I had no idea he had such a gift for helping a person get to the root of their problems.

   Never has anyone cared more for me as an individual, nor has anyone put more sincere effort into blessing my life than Randy during the two months of intensive hypnotherapy.

   By "diving into my feelings" both in my sessions and at other times, I have made progress in my life that could not only be measured by instruments of science, but more especially by the people at home and at work who have asked me what has changed.

   I have been off medication now for eight months and though it was scary for a brief period, I am actually functioning better than ever before.

   I will never look at life's experiences the same again. I am always looking for the lesson, the healing influence, or the good and positive that can come from feeling my feelings all the way through.

   I feel that he has a powerful intuitive sense for what he is doing. I am fully confident that he will yet help a great number of people to heal the emotional baggage and garbage they've carried nearly all of their lives. Thank you Randy Shaw.

Scott H.
Sandy, Utah

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