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For 14 years I had been struggling with some deep seated emotional problems. The emotional issues had apparently been with me for many years, but did not emerge until late 1993 after the death of my wife. Later, I remarried and became a step-father to 3 children, I began to experience serious bouts of anxiety and depression, for no apparent reason.

    From 1993 to late 2007 I tried anti-depressants, then talk therapy, and later I learned EFT (emotional freedom technique). These things helped me learn to cope but none cured me. I felt like a caged bird, held down by anxiety, worthlessness, shame and fear.

    I met a Hypnotherapist (Marc Carlin, New York) at a business conference in Baltimore in 2007. We became quick friends. I asked him many questions about his work. He answered freely and convinced me that Hypnotherapy was something that I wanted to try. When he learned that I lived in Utah he knew immediately to whom I should be referred, and that person was Randy Shaw.

    Randy and I first communicated by phone and email. I felt comfortable with him and knew that I could trust him with my most intimate feelings and fears.

    Our first session was sublime and powerful. My mind and feelings took us exactly where we needed to go, and it was not what I expected at all. Randy told me, “What we can feel, we can heal.” This statement was very reassuring to me and gave me much comfort. I did feel many feelings that I had learned to stuff deep inside myself. I felt them, but I did not fear them.

    Life is much improved for me now after several sessions with Randy. I feel joy and optimism that I have not experienced in many years. In just a few sessions I have made more progress than in the 14 prior years of trying to cope and manage my issues. I’ll likely want to see Randy again, but I expect it will only be for occasional “tune-ups.” The bulk of the healing has already occurred.

Ken L.
Spanish Fork, Utah

    One of the most wonderful things that I was able to learn through my experience with Randy Shaw at Advanced hypnotherapy of Utah, is that there is more to me than meets my eye. Yes I realize that is not the usual way that cliché is spoken but it is true to the way I feel about myself now, and my feelings are one of the most important things that I have now.

    Being able to release feelings that are negative and holding me back has made it possible for me to grow and has allowed me to begin a process of change that has brought about a person that I love more than I ever thought possible. And that person is me.

    In fact, that is something that I celebrate now. Throughout our sessions I was able to see that I had been "bottling up" negative feelings and holding on to them until I was ready to burst. Now I allow myself to have and enjoy every feeling that I have, even those that are suppose to be bad ones. I have been able to release the negativity that I unconsciously held inside. I was able to see that disappointment is not something I needed to hide or bury inside. Instead I can learn and grow from it.

    Randy has taught me so much and now I have been able to become so much more confidant in myself that at age 35 I have gone back to college and I am getting into my life all the wonderful things that I want.

    Thank you Randy for everything you have taught me. Thank you for showing me that the rest of my life is an opportunity for me.

Coalville, Utah

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