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   Not long ago I was suffering from a major depression. I was extremely shy and suicidal. I had no confidence in myself and I felt life wasnít worth living anymore.

   His hypno-therapy sessions helped me find my way. It helped me find the confidence I had when I was a child and gave me strength to go on. My plans of suicide were over and a more positive outlook for the future was in its place.

   Iím grateful for Randyís caring attitude and positive outlook for my sessions. His attitude was reflected in the success of my therapy.

32 year old man in Utah.

      My initial reason for contacting Randy was for infertility issues. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 10 months, the doctors told me that I was not ovulating at all and put me on fertility medication, which wasn't working either. I knew the infertility was related to stress and other issues from my past and I felt that he could help me release that stress and anxiety and deal with the issues from my past that I had not fully dealt with yet.

   From the first time I spoke with Randy on the phone for a consultation, I knew I was a step in the right direction to help me get back on track. I was having this constant feeling that there were so many things that were wrong with me, and that I was too broken to be fixed. After speaking with Randy on the phone I had this huge sense of relief, and that I knew in just a few weeks I would feel great again.

   The first session I got some things out that I thought I had dealt with but was still lingering deep down. The next few days after I had started feeling a lot better. The second session went really well also, I was able to replay situations from my past and then make a new ending to how I would have like the situation to go. Just in doing that in released a lot of my insecurities and misunderstandings I had about myself and my perception of me and my childhood.

   My third session really helped me realize that there wasn't anything "wrong" with me at all and that these huge issues I thought I had were not so bad after all. After just those three sessions with Randy my doctor told me that I am now ovulating and should be pregnant within just a few months.

   I have been so much happier with myself and in turn that has helped me be happier with my family and co-workers as well. I can finally look at myself in the mirror and be completely happy with what I see; I am not ashamed of myself anymore. I owe it all to Randy and his persistence to help people move forward in their lives and finally learn to start living a happy life again.

    I would recommend Randy to anyone, and I will continue to see him. I really appreciate all that he has done for me and the time that he took with me he made me feel so comfortable and that I could say anything and not be judged. Hypnotherapy helped me get my life back to where I wanted it and needed it to be. I am so grateful to for all that he has helped me accomplish. I feel like I now have made a life long friend, thanks Randy.

West Valley City, Utah

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