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Testimonials of Successful Hypnotherapy
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   I found the initial consultation appointment reassuring and felt confident in my decision to go ahead. Randy was very comforting and easy to work with which made the process much easier to handle.

   I was familiar with the process, but still felt nervous about bringing up and facing the aspects of myself that had been causing me so much pain

   It was absolutely amazing when I discovered the amount of energy I had tied up in past experiences. The realization nearly floored me when I came to understand what I'd been holding onto, what I'd been keeping inside. It was very surprising, maybe even a little disturbing but also extremely liberating.

   Each session with Randy allowed me to reframe experiences that were causing me pain and suffering. I was able to go back through these "tragic" events in my life and face them with new wisdom. With help I was able to find the good in each of the situations I dealt with. This enabled me to understand the experiences I went through from a different perspective and with greater awareness. I let go of the anger and fear surrounding these memories and allowed love and wisdom to replace them.

   Through this work I have been able to claim parts of myself I thought I'd lost. Going through with this has truly been a life changing event. I have found renewed strength for life and relationship.

   I have even been asked by those around me "Chris what have you done? You seem different, better." And for this I am very grateful.

Chris J.
Midvale, Utah

    I have had numerous sessions with Randy Shaw. What struck me first about him is that he was and is genuinely interested in me and my story. He could see that I was in distress: victim of an abusive father and suicidal mother. Memories of my childhood were extremely painful to me. I have had several marriages, all of them ending sadly and with much regret. I had no happy role models for parents. I was the victim of rape and other dangers before I was 37.

    Needless to say, I was unhappy and desirous even of death, though I never carried it out. My emotional “baggage” caused me much unhappiness in my present marriage and we separated after almost 5 years. I arrived at Randy’s door in sore need of help!

    In the first session we worked very hard at reaching unhappy memories, reliving them in order to see them in retrospect and to choose to reject the hurt, sorrow and transferred guilt that they caused me most of my life. (I am 65).

    I was AMAZED at the good that session did! I walked out of there many “pounds” lighter. Successive appointments have brought much insight into my early and present life, understanding that my parents’ mindset, problems and failings are not my own responsibility. In learning these things it has been so much easier to forgive them for the turmoil they caused in my life.

    Hypnotherapy is excellent also for relieving physical pain and working with the subconscious to understand, influence and resolve many problems of the whole body and soul.

    Randy is a seasoned coach who sometimes seems inspired to know where to look, what to say and do. He has, in a short time, has helped me to peel away many layers of unhappiness and guilt, and to see myself and others in a far more productive, self-loving light.

    I believe that on our journey through this world we each are directed to mentors who help make the path clearer for us, so that we can progress toward enlightenment at a higher and happier level. My coach, Randy Shaw, is one of those blessed people!

Seattle, Washington

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