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From time to time, grateful clients will send me a nice thank you letter or recomendation letter. Here are a few from the 9 years of my practic
that say a lot, meaning: notice the depth of their word
and quality of their healing improvements.

Overcame terrible and frequent panic attacks,
and gained personal peace and strength.

Hypnotherapy has been a game changer for me.
I didn't know what to expect, but I wanted to overcome my fear of water. This was my main reason for contacting Randy Shaw. My first session, we were able to go to a place of my childhood where I had water poured over my face and it really scared me. I was able to release these feelings of fear and understand where these feelings came from. I didn't realize that those deep seeded fears that were created on that day have played such a huge roll in my life as an adult. This session was just the ice breaker for me. In many more sessions to come, I was able to release feelings concerning my sisters, as I am the youngest of 6, feelings concerning my mother and husband.

I didn't realize that every feeling I didn't feel, I stuffed down inside me, and by stuffing them, I created great dis-ease in my body. I am currently working on acknowledging these feelings so that my physical body can heal, my spiritual body will heal and I will be able to show my feelings and know that it is alright. One of my last sessions, and greatest session with Randy, we were able to dig really deep and discover my real fear of water. I am now able to stand under the shower and allow water to run over my face without freaking out. This is so huge for me and so exciting!

Going to see Randy has been the best decision I have made. I am so much more aware of my feelings and how they really affect me. I look forward to each session because I know that I will be acknowledging and releasing more issues that I have stuffed.

Randy is so warm and comforting. He really makes it easy to let go and dig deep so that healing can happen. He has given me the tools to use so that when a feeling comes up, I am able to acknowledge it and release it. Most recently, I was on the freeway and was getting very anxious. I used one of the tools he provides and the anxiety went away!! It really does work!!

He has an incredible gift and I would recommend him to anyone that is ready for change and to FEEL better. Thank you Randy for assisting me in changing and healing ME!!!

T. L. 44 yr. old woman; Sandy UT

Feb. 2014
Randy I wanted to write and let you know that I had my sweet daughter Sunday morning at 3:10 A.M. Labor was 1 1/2 hours and she weighs 6 pounds 4 oz. She was born into my very own hands. It was the birth of my dreams. It was amazing how focused I was and how amazing I feel.

My husband was there to cheer me on and the kids slept through her birth and they woke up minutes after she was born. She was surround by her family the way it should be.

I no longer have fear of birth. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to birth my baby the way I have wanted to for years.

My baby is the most peaceful baby I have ever had. My kids want to be help out. Mercedes ( the baby before her arrival ) has not had any problems welcoming the new addition.

I wanted to give birth again the very next day. I felt bad that the birth was behind me because it was so amazing. I have never been left with such a high after having this baby. You helped make this possible and I am so very happy that I met you.

July, 2013
52 yr. old woman, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have been fortunate to work with Randy Shaw at Advanced Hypnotherapy and am grateful for his help in my healing through hypnosis. I had blocked most of my childhood memories and it took me until I was 52 years old and unable to cope with a multitude of losses before I finally sought help. I have learned that healing through hypnosis is not only revisiting painful experiences stored in my subconscious, but it is also dealing with the experiences and feelings again in a healthier and more positive manner than I did as a child. The result is that I have become a stronger and happier person.

I feel safe working with Randy Shaw. Through hypnosis he has guided me through my past experiences with loving kindness and respect while teaching me that the perceptions I had learned through abuse were unhealthy and incorrect. Randy has helped me work through overwhelming negative feelings to the point I was able to forgive myself and my offender, a feat that I had thought impossible. In order to continue my healing process Randy has also encouraged me and given me the tools to work through all of my negative feelings as they arise and to release them completely. These experiences have been empowering and have allowed me to embrace the positive side of life again.

Healing through hypnosis has opened space for peace, joy, and contentment in my life, which were my goals in working with Randy and healing through hypnosis. I am grateful to Randy and feel blessed to have worked with him.

Lucky me! After 40 years of reading every self-help/spiritual book I could get my hands on, trying most of the anti-depressants, and seeing my fair share of therapists, I found Randy!

Reading his website and talking with him on the phone, I knew he was the one who could help me with painful issues I held for most of my life. He showed me how to accept and feel my feelings so I could release them. I will use these techniques for the rest of my life so that I don't get stuck again.

Randy is extremely intuitive and helped me realize some things for the first time. He is able to see the positive intention/motivation behind human behaviors. No blame ~ just understanding, healing and love. He is professional, warm, kind, and has a beautiful, soothing voice. I feel so comfortable and know that I can safely share anything with him. He has done his own healing, and it is obvious to me that his practice is not just a livelihood; it is his passion. He puts his heart and soul into his work.

Thank you Randy ~ I feel so much clearer now, and empowered.

53 yr. old woman, Northern Utah

Dec. 31, 2012,
25 year old woman:

Dear Randy,

Earlier this year we met and you helped me to significantly release the negative emotions that have held me bound for many years. I appreciate you sharing your techniques with me which have allowed me to evolve into a much more trusting, confident and clear minded woman. I am also pleased to report that I successfully released 95 pounds from my body since June of this year. I have 45 more pounds to release until I reach my optimal goal.

I know this is possible because of the success I have seen already, as well as through the meditation and positive affirmations I have allowed myself to experience.

2012 has been a majestic and powerful year and I accredit a lot of this to meeting you. Thank you again for your help and time spent with me!

I hope you are doing well and am truly grateful for the work we have done together.

Northern Utah

Feb. 8, 2013
31 Year old woman:

Randy's Hypnotherapy has helped me a lot. I have had 5 good sessions.

I had suffered with severe anxiety for 11 years and now I feel it's under control without medication.

Also, I am 31 years old and I have had a fear of dead people since I was 11 yrs old, and now I finally do not have that fear (released in 1 session). I sleep much better at night!

I am more patient, I am feeling happy in life. Really positive things have happened to me since starting my sessions. Thank you!

West Valley City, Utah

July, 2013

From Anxiety to National Champion
54 yr.old Woman, Salt Lake City, Utah

I have studied martial arts for nearly 20 years. Over four years ago I was struggling with anxiety attacks before and during taekwondo fighting competitions. I had reached a level in competition that I couldn't afford any interferences, and the anxiety that I was experiencing was paralyzing. I had tried reading books on the subject of overcoming sports problems, I had meditated and tried relaxation techniques, all to no avail. I decided to look for professional help, and that was how I discovered Randy Shaw.

I have to say, the process that I went through with Mr. Shaw was no walk in the park, and I discovered, through hypnosis, that my issues were deeply connected with some of my life experiences. Mr. Shaw helped me, with only a few sessions, to address these issues and release them completely. His professional and highly confidential approach put me at ease to release the causes of my distress.

It has been several years since our sessions, and I am happy to say that I can now fight with confidence, relaxed, and in control! I am a 3 times U.S. Open Champion and have won many local, state, and National titles, as well. I am grateful for my "Head" Coach, Randy Shaw, who made this possible for me.

[Used to have terrible anxiety when wife was traveling.]

Dec. 2013

Hello Randy,

I wanted to touch base with you and thank you for the help you have provided. My wife is out traveling again. (almost 2 weeks) It has been the best situation that I have experienced. Such a relief. I had one little moment of anxiety Sunday, when there were some outside demands from church and family. Good for me to go through and it released quickly.

Truly do not know that my emotions would be where they are today - without your assistance and direction. Still learning to listen to my body. My meditation is still in need, but the freedom from past stations is again, simply amazing.

Thank you so much for your help. It has been a wonderful experience.

From: Male, 52, Salt Lake City, Utah

Feb. 2013


I wanted to tell you how great I have been. And that I got a new job that I am totally excited for. Remember when I came in cause I had a lead on a job. Well I got it!

After coming to you I truly know what it's like to just be happy about life. I feel happier now than I ever have. I am not sure how I got such amazing results. But I love it!!!! :-)

And other great things have happened for me also. My relationships with people are better and I do feel like I am a better friend. A lot of people can tell I am just happier. I am actually nicer and happier to people in general.

Making eye contact has always been something I have struggled with and now I am sooooo much better. I have actually been told I have very good eye contact. People have also told me they love how positive upbeat and happy I am. Something I never was before.

Thanks again for everything... I will be in touch soon, to do a tune up...

30 yr old woman, Northern Utah

   I have been lucky enough to receive sessions from Randy Shaw. Through the work he has facilitated me through, I have been able to release some deep issues that I wasn't even aware I was still holding onto in my body and mind.

   I highly recommend Randy and the compassionate way he guides you through your experience. I feel that the progress I made in just a few sessions was leaps and bounds ahead of other healing modalities.

Salt Lake City

Olympic Athlete

    When I first came in to see Randy it was 2 1/2 months away from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and I had not yet qualified for the team. I was full of anxiety, couldn't sleep, and felt like my world was crumbling down around me.

Randy and I worked together for the better part of the next few months leading up to the Olympics and every time I left his office I was rejuvenated and filled with the confidence I knew I had inside of me. My skiing instantly improved, I was able to sleep again, and I finally qualified for my 3rd Olympic Team.

Randy made me a relaxation tape that I fell asleep to every night and it was the last thing I listened to before I stepped into the Olympic gate and skied my way to a bronze medal! I owe so much of my performance to Randy and I don't think I can ever repay him for what he helped me accomplish!!

Shannon Bahrke Happe
3 Time Olympian
2 Time Olympic Medalist
Owner, Silver Bean Coffee Co.

    I am writing this reference in hopes that it will give others the opportunity to experience what I have with Randy Shaw.

I was at the end of my rope when I looked at Randy's website. I have spent the last four years in individual counseling, in group therapy, attending 12 step meetings to battle a pornography addiction. While some of those things had helped, none was completely successful. They all tried to heal the addiction through shame, willpower and trust in the lord. I had been asked by my wife to leave our home until I could get things under control. I was as skeptical as anyone when I first went to see Randy, but I was committed to give it a try.

In our first session Randy helped me release some feeling I had inside on an issue that I had not even planned on discussing but it came up. I felt good after the session but still was not sure it worked. I didn't know how to tell. In our second session we worked on some of the feelings I had with my wife. We worked on releasing my anger and being strong. Again I felt good but didn't know if it had worked. I know that my urges for pornography had gone way down and I couldn't explain why. We hadn't yet worked on my problem with pornography.

Three days after my session I had a major confrontation with my wife and the issues of being out of the home. She verbally threw everything she had at me. She tried to make me mad, she tried to shame me and nothing worked. For the first time I was able to sit calmly and take it and it didn't hurt. I didn't have the urge to turn to pornography and I felt powerful. For the first time I knew it worked. I had been working on the wrong things to get rid of my problem. My issue with porn was more about all the emotions I had bottled up inside me that I couldn't release. I am well on my way to recovery and look forward to our sessions. I feel so much stronger and freer than I have in 25 years. It's great. Don't keep paying those counselors if they are not helping you to release your locked up emotions. It shouldn't take years. When done with genuine concern and skill it can be done in a much shorter period of time and you will be happier and stronger with the outcome.

Northern Utah

    I had the good fortune to meet Randy Shaw through a very close person in my life. After even the first session I had with Randy, my outlook on life changed.

    Now I know that there is a way to get to the root of my problems. I had solved things that I did not even think were the cause of so much of my personal grief.

    Hypnotherapy has worked wonders for me, and I know that it can be the answer to most people's problems. I am greatful for the professionalism and the care that Randy Shaw has shown as my hypnotherapist.

Orem, Utah

    I am an 84 year old woman. Randy Shaw has helped me with his Hypnotherapy through traumas and heartaches so tragic that I could not do it myself. But with his guidance I am now feeling love and gladness when I am reminded of the things of my life that used to give me much pain and sorrow.

    I've learned that I have held onto things in my life that were very troubling, instead of letting them run their course, even from my early childhood experiences. I have felt so much better as I could release and resolve them.

    One of my sons died in Viet Nam. For 28 years I did not look at his service medals. With Randy's help I was able to face this problem, so that I did find love and strength to finally go through his keepsakes, and feel very, very good about it.

    Randy has helped me on many levels, teaching me how to help myself. He is kind, gentle and caring, and still very professional. At times he seems to understand my feelings better than I do. The heartaches of my life are much more understandable and acceptable now, and other things in my life are improving as well.

B. L.
Salt Lake City


I have recently started using the process and I can't tell you how much it has changed my life. When I'm feeling overwhelmed with feelings, I simply get my notes and read them and do exactly what they say and after several times going through the process I feel centered and in control. I realize I am okay and I can let go of the negative feelings and replace them with a positive way of getting through.

Pat P. Idaho

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