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Salt Lake City, Utah

Testimonials of Successful Hypnotherapy
With Fellow Hypnotherapists

   Randy Shaw is an amazing healer. I use the word healer as opposed to hypnotherapist because he exceeds the limitations of a hypnotherapist. His process is whole, complete and teaches the client a set of philosophies and concepts to empower their lives.

    I have had the wonderful opportunity of utilizing Randy to help me with my own issues. And every time he has brought me full circle with the issues I was struggling with when I could not heal on my own. Many times he has brought me from complete utter emotional, physical, and even spiritual pain to enlightenment.

    Randy has guided me past blocks that have been holding me down that prevented me from accessing my full potential. He has the gifted talent of listening and finding what is hiding in the subconscious and bringing it up for cleansing. He thus takes what's hiding and gently, powerfully and effectively helps you move through them.

    There are only a very few people I would trust with my subconscious and Randy is on the top of my list.

    Randy, at first was my "student" of hypnotherapy, but has surpassed student to teacher. There's an old saying that says "the biggest gift you can ever give your teacher is to become better than him" ... It is quite easy for me to say that Randy has exceeded me on many levels of healing others.

    Randy thank you for your gifts and talent. I will always turn to you when my issues need clearing up.

Matt Sison,
Sherman Oaks, California

From Turkey: No more Asthma

I've been practicing as a healer and using many healing modalities for many years. My experience thought me that all kinds of chronic illness coming from the emotional and mental blockages which are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind. This understanding took me to learn Age Regression Hypnotherapy from Randy and Matt in Utah. [Note: Matt my dear friend and business partner: we teach hypnotherapist and healers from all over the world. www.regression-hypnotherapy.com]

It was the first day of the Boot Camp and I was talking with Randy about their Advanced Concepts and Methods. At the beginning I couldn't realize the power of the words but my subconscious mind was already convinced to reveal it's hidden stress although someone did not ask me to do that consciously. I was staring at the fireplace and suddenly that scene took me back to my six months old trauma. But I wasn't alone this time and Randy was there to help me so I let myself to feel my feelings.

My mom left me near the fireplace but it was giving out the smoke and that little baby was smothered with smoke. I had very strong abreaction with crying and coughing and it took more than one hour to clear that emotional garbage.

I have done four more session over Skype with Randy after I turned back to my country.

I used to have an allergic Rhinitis since my childhood and Asthma for two years but now all the symptoms are disappeared.

I also was so surprised because I never know that I had those kinds of strong emotions like sadness and fear inside of me but now it makes more sense why sadness always affected me when I was working with other clients. I feel more calm and confident as a healer after I released my own issue and emotional blockages.

I'm grateful to know Randy Shaw. I learned many things from him and my health is getting better each and every day.

Ali Riza Gozlukuoglu,
Healer, Hypnotherapist, Chinese Wushu Trainer, International Kung-fu Judge & Trainer
Turkey (and Thailand)

Fethiye, Turkey:

My third book "The book of Hypnosis" was published.. (in Turkish at moment, but my plan is to translate my books to English in the future..) (http://www.hipnozmarket.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=91).

This book is dedicated to Randy Shaw for his unexpected supports for my hypnotherapy career development.

Dr. Bulent Uran
www.bulenturan.net - www.drbulenturan.com

   Being a hypnotherapist myself, I have been searching for the "right" person to successfully help me go through the hypnotherapy process. After talking with Randy for an extended period of time I knew he was the right person for me.

    I flew to Utah and we completed four consecutive sessions in four days. Randy was very understanding and patient and I felt very comfortable with him.

    By using Hypnosis to bypass the barriers I had accumulated over the years, Randy helped me to find myself underneath all of my many layers. I had layers of sadness, anger and guilt that I didn't consciously realize I was holding on to.

   He helped me to recognize and face my true inner feelings that I was hanging on to, and helped me to learn and understand that it is ok to release negative feelings.

   I understand now that those unresolved feelings were holding me back from being the confident and happy person that I always wanted to be.

    It has been a few months now since my sessions with Randy and I feel much better about myself and my life. I am happy, content, and at peace with myself. I experienced four awesome sessions with Randy and would recommend him to anyone!

Tracy Holwagner
Valley Hypnotherapy Services
Fargo, North Dakota

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