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Page 2: Introduction and setting the stage.

For example: anger is sometimes a cover over fear, pain or sadness. So, if you think anger is the problem, you may never get to the source, which could be fear, pain or sadness. In my experiences anger is usually a cover over pain and sadness.

This is from my homepage:

Our feelings are the dominant forces which create and determine our successes and failures, our happiness and our misery.

Your feelings can always overpower your thoughts, and your intentions, and your expectations.

If you could have changed your problem(s) by just thinking about it, staying in your head as we say, you would have changed by now, right?

Well if you haven't been able to change I'm now asking you to now allow your feelings to have voice, be expressed, and to be allowed to come to the forefront.

John Bradshaw, the author, counselor and "entertainer" taught me a very truthful concept: "What we can feel, we can heal."

Play with this concept a little and it comes out even clearer: what we won't feel, we can't heal.

One of the most important aspects of what I do to help people is to find and express feelings, which are and have been for a long time, suppressed, pushed down and held inside of us.

The biggest problem we have with resolving our personal problems is that these suppressed feelings are so familiar that we don't even realize that they are the problem! They feel as much a part of us as our hands and feet.

Example: have you ever tried to tell someone, maybe a family member, that their emotional behavior is out of line, too dramatic, is an OVER-reaction? And they look at you like- no it's not. Their feelings have been buried inside so long that they don't recognize they even exist!

These supressed feelings don't go away. They grow stronger like a weed with each experience we encounter, that is somehow similar to the experience that first caused us to have the feeling.

As children, as infants, as teenagers we experience things which we do not know how to deal with. The feelings we have in these difficult and even traumatic experiences are shut off, tightened up, swallowed back, held inside.

Why? To protect us at that time. So we could go on with our lives and not be frozen in events.

But as we grow up, the feelings that protected us in childhood from confusing, difficult or even traumatic experiences, do not serve us effectively as we try to have an adult life.

You sure wouldn't want to walk around in the clothes you wore when you were a child, would you? Yet we often have our childhood feelings overpower us as we walk through the ordeals adult life.

Ever seen an adult throw a childish temper tantrum?

We hold those feelings, carry them for years, even for the rest of life, unless we allow those trapped feelings to flow.

Now here's a quote from me: if your negative feelings don't flow, they grow.

And even more accurately, if any feeling doesn't flow, allowed to run its cycle, it stays planted and grows. Feelings need to be allowed to complete their circuit, to complete their cycles.

Especially negative feelings. They need to be released, grounded, let go. If we hang onto negative feelings they have the power to enlarge and eventually disrupt our lives; sometimes in a big way.

Think about the cycle of breathing. What would happen if you breathed in, then held that breath?

Time and time and time again I have the extraordinary privilege to help people find their deepest feelings, to discover (reunite with) their most inner-core. It is truly sacred ground.

During sessions I am often reminded of the verse in the Old Testament where God is speaking in the burning bush and tells Moses to, well actually I'll just quote it because it's written out better than I can recall it:

Exodus Chapter 3, verse 5:
And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.

When the people I work with tell me that they feel more grounded, more alive, more in touch with their self and their true feelings, than they can ever remember, that is when I feel we have landed on "holy" ground.

Randy Shaw
(801) 671-5270

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