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Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah

Page 1: Introduction and setting the stage.

I feel it would be helpful to tell you more about the wholeness of the process which I call Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Right after emerging from the Hypnotherapy session, still in my big reclining chair, each person continues to process and intregrate their new feelings and perspectives.

We might describe an Advanced Hypnotherapy session as acquiring clearer perspectives which allow a cleansing of feelings.

Often this experience provides the perception that these cleansed feelings are new. Actually they are changed, transformed and now can be expressed in their true form; their "true character."

(Sure, we carry feelings and distorted perceptions for years and decades without realizing it, and not knowing how to resolve our unwanted and harmful feelings.)

It can be described the other way as well: a cleansing of feelings which allow a clearer perspective.

Once this is obtained the cleansed feeling literally feels as if it were new. (It's really not new, but it is finally unburdened, unclogged, resolved and expressed in it's true form.) By the way... resolve the feeling, and the problem changes, it has too.

So you are thinking or asking: "what do you mean a cleansed feeling? How do you clean feelings?"

Good Question!

No, there's no shampoo for feelings, but there is a process of letting feelings run their course, finishing the cycle of energy that feelings naturally generate.

How do we numb our feelings, and why?

At times during our life, starting in infancy, we become masters of numbing our uncomfortable and unwanted feelings.

When we are young we numb our feelings because we experience a scary (or confusing or sad, etc.) event, and we do it to survive.

Later in life we numb our feelings to allow us to keep plowing through life, no matter how difficult it is, and so that we don't look weak or stupid.

When we numb our feelings, those feelings got bottled up, frozen, stored in our bodies and live there for who knows how long. The feelings when numbed, stopped, frozen, do not get to finish their natural cycle. (Interuptus feelingsus.)

Any feeling that did not get to run it's course, run itself out, is still alive inside, and gets energized when we experience things that are similar to the event that caused the feeling in the first place.

This is called emotional resonance. Feelings that resonant, vibrate, move with feelings of the past which are still very much alive and can appear in your life when it is not helpful to you, or is harmful.

Example: People who are afraid of dogs are often victims of dogbits when they were little children. They carry that fear for the rest of their lives unless they work to release the feelings of fear they hold inside.

People call me on the phone, and often they have a problem they describe as a habit, such as smoking or overeating (being overweight).

I tell them that I don't work with habits, I work to help resolve the feelings that power the habit, the feelings that are causing the habit and keeping it so strong that they can't get rid of it.

Hey, that's why they called me! They have something they don't like, but they can't get rid of it!

The biggest problem I see people have, those who come to me for help, is they are holding onto feelings from the past . . .

that they think they have let go of.

I'm starting to collect testimonials of people I've worked with, as you know. Every one of them successfully released feelings that were trapped inside, that 95% of the time, they had no idea they were still carrying, holding, and were so heavily burdened with.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone says: "oh, I let that go," or "I forgave ___ years ago." If I had a dollar for every time I had someone tell me that, I'd go buy a new suit from Mr. Macs!

In an Advanced Hypnotherapy session, people let go of, release and Clean Out all sorts of feelings they have inside that are disrupting their lives, AND, they had very little knowledge of, or no idea the feelings even existed.

If you have called me, you know this line of reasoning. But let's review for the other people.

When you can't quit smoking, can't stop overeating, can't stop being angry, frustrated, sad, guilty, or whatever your problem is, dealing with the behavior is not the answer and will not change you (if the problem has been around for a long time and you've already tried like heck to change it!).

There's an old saying: "You don't realize how trapped you are until you're set free."

Again, Advanced Hypnotherapy is a process, not an event. The time spent with me in the Hypnotherapy session is definitely transformational, but this process is also the catalyst for continued transformation and healing.

I know as they walk out of my office, the people I've worked with are on an adventure of walking through life with truer feelings and clearer sight, which feels like new feelings and new eyes.

It is amazing to watch, to hear and actually feel people change right before my eyes. It is something I know I will never grow bored with and will always find amazement in witnessing.

Each session unfolds for the specific needs of the individual.

Your feelings are the signals (cries for help) in this work and process.

Your subconscious/feeling mind knows exactly what experiences and things need resolution and healing in your life.

This is why we work through Hypnotherapy, which is using Hypnosis to get the cooperation of the feeling/subconscious mind for therapy; with therapy being the movement towards health and happiness.

Each person is distinctly different, and each session is distinct, in that it brings forth abundant lessons and understanding for the individual.

(Personal note: This is why I would never use "scripts" or recordings in my practice with individuals. Our individuality is our most precious human attribute.)

As the session ends and they come back into their regular conscious mode, I can feel and see the transition they are going through. They are still "processing" the new perspectives they just acquired in the session; integrating the inner-experience with the now.

In other words, the session is sometimes like being in a movie, but the big difference is you are feeling your real feelings, interactive, and dealing with things in your past as if they are happening all over again for you. But this time it is to fix, resolve, clean up, and heal the experience.

Quite often the session is an opportunity to bring in your current (adult, more experienced, wiser) mind to make adjustments that you didn't, or couldn't, or weren't allowed to make at the time of the experience.

If you are familiar with the inner child work: in Advanced Hypnotherapy sessions this process is powerful and amazingly effective because we are connected to, and actually experiencing the unresolved / unprocessed feelings of the past (often childhood), through the power of Hypnotic regression.

Again: But this time it is to fix, resolve, clean up, and heal the experience.

In most cases after a session, people now understand exactly what it was that was giving them so much difficulty, and continued to disrupt their life.

Importantly, now they have a handle on how and why their problem got started in the first place (which allows them to release and resolve).

Advanced Hypnotherapy is about finding the truth, understanding the root of the feelings and problems we have as human beings.

Still reading this stuff? Good! That indicates that you really want to change and heal.

The first step in the solution to changing our feelings and behaviors is: clearly understanding the source of the problem.

Now, I'm suggesting that it is more to do with feelings, than it is with thinking.

It's a combination: a synthesis of thinking and feelings, but feelings are the unrecognized source of power.

Now don't fall into the trap of thinking: "but I can't think of what's the source of my problem."

Of course not, or you would have fixed it by now, right?

Notice how many times I have mentioned and emphasized feelings...

Advanced Hypnotherapy is so successful because we work with your deepest, and sometimes hidden or unrecognized feelings.

For example: anger is sometimes a cover over fear, or sadness. So, if you think anger is the problem, you may never - - -

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