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More pages to come. I'll be adding more information and helpful concepts as soon as I possibly can!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah

A little about Randy Shaw...

Below is the most significant certifications, trainings and influences that have shaped my understanding and skills as a Hypnotherapist.

I knew by October of 2002 that I wanted to go into the field Hypnosis as my new life direction.

I dedicated the direction of my life in the spring of 2003 to becoming a master of Hypnotherapy, because of its boundless potential to help people significantly enhance and heal their lives. I was, and still am willing to pay the price and invest my efforts.

The list below represents the highlights of how this amazing journey has unfolded for me, step by step.

Extensive Influence and Support from:
Robert Shaw,
Salt Lake Hypnosis Center (Est. 1984).
Starting in October 2002 (when I got completely serious about Hypnosis) and is ongoing. Robert has over 25 years of experience as a Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist, and is my father!

We've had countless talks and discussions about hypnosis. He allowed me access to hundreds of video and audio training tapes from his extensive collection of seminars, conventions and workshops over the last 25+ years. A virtual education in itself.

Certified Hypnotist
April 2003
Omni Hypnosis Training Center, Deland, Florida
Gerald F. Kien, one of the best instructors, 30 + years. Very thorough introduction and study. I am recommending this basics to advanced course for those interested in getting a solid hypnosis foundation.

Certified Hypnotherapist
April 2003
National Guild of Hypnotists
The World's Largest Hypnosis Organization

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training
September 2003
Live lectures and Hypnotherapy session training.
Gil Boyne (See below)
Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles, California

Certified Hypnotherapist
October 2003
5 PATH : 5 Phase Abreactive Therapeutic Hypnosis.
Advanced Regression School.
Banyan Hypnosis Center, St. Paul, Minnesota

Certified Self Hypnosis Teacher
October 2003. 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, Banyan Hypnosis Center, St. Paul, Minnesota. A holistic, Mind-Body-Spirit approach to self-hypnosis for self-improvement. It's effect is greatly enhanced because it utilizes a person's individual spiritual beliefs and practices.

Hypnotherapy Sessions with Gil Boyne
October 2003 Sante Fe, New Mexico.
What a truly amazing person. Without Gil's considerable contributions to the development and exposure of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, we would be 30 years behind in the effectiveness and productivity that is now possible by professional (serious) Hypnosis practitioners. Experiencing sessions with him and "picking his brain" for many hours was a huge boost to my career.

Gil Boyne

Personally Experienced Successful Hypnotherapy With Matt Sison CHt., Sherman Oaks, California.
February 2004
At this time in my life this exprience was the best thing for my progress both as a human being and as a Hypnotherapist. I found that Matt is an exceptional Hypnotherapist and person.
"Going through" Hypnotherapy myself, the experience, greatly increased my empathy for the people I work with. It takes alot of courage to face your inner stuff.

Education and utilization of Stephen Parkhill Concepts and Methods
March 2004, ongoing - with assistance from Matt Sison, Stephen's "torch bearer". Stephen has had tremendous success with clients in resolving and healing the "higher end of the spectrum" of illnesses labled chronic and terminal, such as cancer.
Stephen Parkhill is the author of Answer Cancer, the Healing of a Nation. It's out of print for the second time.

Stephen Parkhill in my opinion will become a world wide recognized master of healing in the not too distant future. Achievement & Learning Foundation of Stephen C. Parkhill

Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT
Certificate of Completion, Fundamentals Course, August, 2005. EFT was introduced to me by Matt Sison (see above), as a powerful tool to facilitate the release of negative feelings and blockage to allow positive energy/feelings to flow and be re-established within our body/mind. I'm currently working on a DVD that demonstrates how I've put together EFT with Hypnosis to help my clients get rapid relief and changes.

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